Meet Your Local Friend in Munich

We are Synthia and Tobias, the founders of Your Local Friend Tours Munich. Two well-trained experienced local guides with a passion for people.

Since day one we have had a single goal: to offer you the most immersive and authentic experiences in Munich, like only your local friend can.

As we both highly value excellent service, you can be sure that we will do our best to make your time in Munich unforgettable.

Tobias – Founder & Guide

tobias röckl

Who are you?

I call myself a “Bavarian Cosmopolitan”. My deep Bavarian roots give me an immense appreciation for the beautiful landscapes, heavenly delights and genuine folks that I associate with this magical place. But I also love to travel the world and experience all the colorfulness and diversity life offers.

Like in a new age novel, a trip to India triggered a significant change in my life. A walking tour in Old Delhi with Dhruv Gupta inspired me to become a tour guide myself. Dhruv calls himself "a local friend", and because of his loveable personality and guiding skills, he became my role model. Fast forward: I abandoned my career as graphic designer that kept me unhappily tethered to an office desk. After an intensive tour guide training program, I worked for one of the city´s largest companies and as independent tour guide in Munich. Finally, with Synthia, I cofounded our own walking tour company – Your Local Friend.


I cherish a late afternoon walk along the stretch of the Isar River that runs close to the city center. This almost-absurd mix of nature and urban life that maybe only cities like Vancouver and Sydney can offer is so enjoyable. I watch children playing in the shallow water, dogs jostling for a stick and people relaxing after a day at work.


I will never get enough of the ceiling frescoes at the Church of the Holy Spirit. Not ever! What beauties they are, revealing their ancient stories. Sit down in a pew, lean your head back and marvel!


Guess what. I love beer! Enjoying a cold one at Orlando´s next to the Hofbräuhaus while watching the pedestrians passing by is my favorite "Feierabend movie". If you don´t know what a "Feierabend" is, you should come on a tour with me and I promise to tell you!

Tobias' Favorite

Old Neighborhood
haidhausen walking tour

Best of Munich plus Haidhausen

This is one of our perfectly customized tours that will show you even more of Munich. We will take you to the highlights of Munich's historic center. To round it all off, we will ride the tram across the river Isar to the fascinating old neighborhood of Haidhausen.

Synthia – Founder & Guide

synthia demetriou

Who are you?

People say I am a true European. And I must say that I like the idea. I’m a Münchnerin with Cypriot roots, and I grew up in Northern Bavaria. I have studied and worked in the United States, in Greece and Italy, and I hold a passion for traveling and meeting people from other countries.

My professional career took me to the TV and movie marketing business, with Munich being one of the biggest entertainment hubs in Germany. I am a graduate of Media and Communication, Political Science and Italian Literature.

For me, being a tour guide is the best job in the world. Showing people around my home city and taking them to my favorite places makes me happy. I enjoy long walks, and I ride my bike to manage longer distances. I look forward to getting to know you!


The Olympic Park is one of my favorite hangouts. On weekends, you will find me strolling around the Olympic lake or hiking up the hill for amazing views. Meet me at Tollwood festival or a concert. Here, a Sunday walk can turn into a big surprise.


I like contrasts, as you will find them in the Five Courts, our Fünf Höfe. In my opinion, this is the perfect mix of fascinating art and architecture, of shopping, tasty coffee and cuisine.


My best food moment: Packing my basket with leftovers from the fridge, meeting husband, kids and friends in the Biergarten at Chinesischer Turm to eat, drink and enjoy what Munich so much stands for: Gemütlichkeit.

Synthia's Favorite

Munich 1972
guided tour in munich olympiapark

Best of Munich plus Olympic Park

Get into the Olympic Spirit! Our tour starts in the historic center of Munich. After that, the underground will take us to the Olympic Park, venue of the 1972 Summer Games, with its Olympic Tower and Lake. The BMW World is a must-see on our way - not only for car enthusiasts.

Best Curated Tours

We want to make sure each and everyone of you enjoys a unique experience of Munich, its rich culture, heritage and food.
That’s what we’re here for. We’re tour guides with heart and soul.

We’re Your Local Friend.

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