Live from Munich

Live Virtual City Tour from Munich

If you can't come to Munich, we will bring Munich to you! Our virtual city tour is a unique live guided travel experience.

  • When: whenever you want
  • Languages: English & German
  • How: e.g. via Zoom, Skype or Teams
€ 199 / incl. VAT Booking request

Live Virtual City Tour from Munich

€ 199
incl. VAT
Live from Munich

Live Virtual Tour

If you can't come to Munich, then let us bring Munich to you! Go on a virtual on-screen city tour – it’s easy! We offer real city experiences as a live guided tour. Our guests are thrilled.

Book our virtual city tours for your online conference or onboarding event, as an item on your agenda at a digital conference or team meeting. All we need is a link to connect with your conference software.

There are many good reasons for an online tour: Let us take you on a virtual tour to the famous sights of Munich, to the Christmas markets or to Oktoberfest. We can even perform events such as live beer tastings or interactive quizzes. Our live tours are perfect for international companies and associations, for universities, colleges and schools.

How it works

We are well-equipped with high-standard, professional studio technology including cameras, light systems and green screens. With our software, we will stream live into your conference software, e.g. Zoom, Skype or Teams.

Thematic tours

Book us for your private virtual guided tour through Munich, or choose from a variety of thematic tours focusing on Munich beer, Bavarian food, traditions or history.

We speak your language

Our live-guided online tours are available in English and German. Please feel free to contact us for other languages.

Date of your virtual tour

We’re very flexible with our live guided city tours, so don’t hesitate to request your favorite date and time that would best fit your schedule in your respective time zone.

Where our studio is

Our offices are in Munich. We will either stream from our office computers, using multimedia assets such as photos and videos, or we can transmit our stories live from Munich’s city center as we walk through the old streets and past famous historic and modern sights.

What you get to see

In our virtual tours, you will get a unique experience combining facts and fun, a mix of history and amazing stories. We select our stories and media assets to perfectly match your needs. There will always be an interaction between you and ourselves to create an unforgettable and fun live experience.

How long it takes

Our live city tours usually take from 45 minutes, e.g. for schools, to 90 minutes for a live tour with online beer tasting. It’s up to you, your needs or your availability.

Technical information

Technical requirements

You and your team should be equipped with the following:

  • Internet access with sufficient and stable bandwidth
  • Access to your conference system
  • A screen with loudspeaker/headphones and microphone
  • For culinary tours and live tastings: drinks and food for everyone to participate in the event
  • Supporting texts and images, e.g. for student groups


How we proceed

  • Preliminary discussion, definition of topics and timing
  • Technical test, ideally a few days before the event
  • Technical test right before the live tour
  • Realization of the live tour
  • The online tour can be recorded, if desired


Please be assured that we will follow the current standards and guidelines for data protection and copyright.