Private Munich Walking Tours

We are convinced that you will find Munich to be extremely walkable. In the historic center, many famous sights are pretty much right next to each other.

Our walking tours are designed especially for you. They are entertaining and informative, always with room for discussion – if you feel like it. In order to make our walks most comfortable for you, we will always choose the most accessible ways, and we will focus on finding a pace that everyone in the group is comfortable with. This includes using public transport whenever we want to cover longer distances.

Munich in 2 hours
private guided tour in munich

2-Hour Munich Private Walking Tour

If you are looking for a relaxed way to enjoy the highlights of Munich's historic center, our 2-hour private walking tour is your best bet. Join us on an unforgettable walk through the centuries!

Munich in 3 hours
munich 3 hour walking tour

3-Hour Munich Private Walking Tour

This walking tour will give you even more time to discover the highlights of the Bavarian capital's beautiful sites. Join us on an unforgettable walk through the centuries and see the highlights of Munich's historic center.

Old Neighborhood
haidhausen walking tour

Best of Munich plus Haidhausen

This is one of our perfectly customized tours that will show you even more of Munich. We will take you to the highlights of Munich's historic center. To round it all off, we will ride the tram across the river Isar to the fascinating old neighborhood of Haidhausen.

Munich 1972
guided tour in munich olympiapark

Best of Munich plus Olympic Park

Get into the Olympic Spirit! Our tour starts in the beautiful historic center of Munich. We will also take the underground to the Olympic Park, venue of the 1972 Summer Games, with its Olympic Tower and Lake. The BMW World is a must-see on our way - not only for car enthusiasts.

Bavarian Culinary add-ons for you

how to eat bavarian white sausage weisswurst zutzeln zuzeln ohne besteck brotzeit bavarian food bayerisches essen cold platter kaffee und kuchen german traditions

We realised that, whenever one of us went traveling, we would first of all hit the street food markets or ask the locals for their favorite restaurants. We want to do the same for you when you're here in Munich!
We’re passionate about local cuisine. Think tasting Bavarian street food, digging into luscious cake in cozy cafés and clinking beer steins with your neighbors in one of the traditional restaurants Munich is so famous for. If we think there is something on our way that you simply must see or taste, we will make it happen. There is so much for you to discover as we share our world famous “Gemütlichkeit” with you.

So go ahead and choose from our unique selection of delicious culinary add-ons!

Option 1: Bavarian Breakfast

Learn how to peel your white sausage the Munich way, dip it into delicious sweet mustard, and have a refreshing wheat beer with your meal.

Option 2: Bavarian Brotzeit

A Bavarian Brotzeit is so much more than just a snack. Enjoy a rich platter with a selection of bread, cheese, sausage, meat and pickles, - and some beer, of course.

Option 3: Kaffee und Kuchen

The British have their Tea Time - Germans have Kaffee und Kuchen! Follow one of our favorite traditions and enjoy a cup of coffee and creamy cake in one of Munich's best cafés.

How does it work?

You can book all of these culinary add-ons with your tours. Simply choose any one of our walking tours, and pick the culinary extension that most appeals to your tastebuds. Please note that there will be an extra charge for culinary add-ons.

Exclusive private tours for unforgettable experiences

If you – like us – care about quality, true local immersion and pure authenticity, then you will understand that our unique Your Local Friend concept is your perfect match.

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