Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

If you are asking with regards to a walking tour you booked with Your Local Friend, then the answer is no. All our rates are all inclusive, meaning that you won’t need to worry about paying for food, drinks or tickets covered within the itinerary while we are on tour together.

In general, we recommend you always carry some cash when visiting Germany. While the bigger shops and most restaurants and ticket offices will take credit cards, there will be some places where only cash is accepted. Before you enter shops or restaurants, see if you can find display stickers on the doors to know which cards are accepted.
 You will need Euros at snack or souvenir stands, for the use of public toilets and tips.

In our opinion, the easiest and usually cheapest way to exchange money is to use an ATM. You will find them (ask for a “Geldautomat” if you want to say it in German) in many places in German cities, e.g. at airports and train stations and pedestrian zones. They usually operate 24/7 and have an English language option to make using them easy for you.

Almost all restaurants, cafés and bigger stores have bathrooms that can be used free of charge by customers only. There are a few public toilets that usually charge something between 50 cents to 1 Euro. Most public toilets have an attendant, and especially if toilet use was completely free of charge, you might consider tipping them around 50 cents.

We’ve found this to be one of the biggest surprises to American guests on our walking tours: on Sundays, public and bank holidays, shops in Munich are closed. And we mean almost all shops, even the grocery stores. There are exceptions for tourist areas, airports and train stations. But in general, don’t count on buying your souvenirs or foods on a Sunday. The good news is bakeries, restaurants, cafés and museum shops are usually open.

Booking your Tour

To book a walking tour, please go to the Our Tours section and select the tour that you would like to attend. You can also use the Book a Tour section which will take you directly to the respective booking form. For any special requests, or if you prefer to customize your private tour, please see the Make It Yours section or contact us directly.

As we only offer private exclusive group tours, we need to charge a single supplement to individual travelers who want to go solo. The minimum rate is always that of two adults. So if you are traveling by yourself, or if you are accompanied by only one child or infant, a single supplement will be charged. There will be no single supplement for a group that consists of at least two adults.

All our tours are designed for private exclusive groups with a maximum of 8 persons. In case your group is larger than 8 persons, please feel free to contact us.

You are welcome to book a private tour just for yourself, but please note that we will need to charge a single supplement in this case.

Our walking tours do involve longer distances, but we will try to always choose accessible ways or alternative routes, and we will focus on finding a pace that everyone in the group is comfortable with. For special questions regarding accessibility of our tours, please contact us.

Yes, definitely most of them! Children are welcome on any of our tours if accompanied by at least one adult. We will do our best to adjust our tours to suit all ages.

Our suggestion: We think children should be 12 years or older when they visit the Third Reich tour, as the themes covered are of an adult nature. However, this is merely a recommendation, and we leave it to parental discretion as to whether or not you think the tour and its themes are suitable for your children. We’re happy to advise should you have any questions regarding our tour contents.

Yes, of course. Streets in Munich are easily accessible, and our guides will always find ways to avoid stairs and steep hills.

Your Local Friend will usually be either Synthia or Tobias, two local tour guides with great expertise and perfect English language skills. Find out more about your guides in the About us section. While you may always express a wish for a certain guide for your tour, please understand that we cannot guarantee this guide is available. In this case, we will arrange for an equally suitable guide.

We know why you would ask this: At first sight, Bavaria seems like the perfect place for beer lovers who like to have their daily share of hearty meat and cheese dishes. But then again, Munich offers such a big variety of alternative food and drinks that you will never feel like you’re missing out on anything. We will always offer non-alcoholic alternatives to beer and find dishes that go with your eating habits. Just let us know when you book the tour. Also, please make us aware of all food allergies before you partake so that we can arrange for alternatives.

Preparing for the Tour

We want you to enjoy a care-free time when we are on tour together, so there isn’t really much that you would need to prepare in advance. If you are in doubt about what to wear, please check our Weather & Climate information.
Our tours run almost every day, rain or shine – so please dress appropriately. If in doubt, please check our Weather & Climate information. In case of extremely severe thunderstorms or other dangerous weather, we will contact you to offer an alternative time or day for your tour. So far, we have never had to cancel a tour for bad weather as Munich is full of options where we can spend larger parts of our tours in indoor places. For our cancellation policies, please see our Terms & Conditions.
As our tour rates are all inclusive, you won’t need to worry about carrying cash for food, drinks or tickets while we are on tour together. You might want to bring an umbrella, depending on the weather forecast, or wear sunscreen and a hat. You should definitely bring your camera to capture the amazing moments of our walking tours. For questions on what to wear, please check our Weather & Climate information.
Usually quite a lot, but if you are elderly, injured, you have trouble walking or simply don’t feel like walking much, we will find a pace that everyone in the group is comfortable with. Our Munich Classic tour has the shortest walking distance of approximately 1.5 miles (2 km), while there will be longer walking distances on our other tours – although we will comfortably cover some parts using public transport. If in doubt about the amount of walking, please contact us.
The answer is: it depends. Well-behaved pets are allowed on most of our tours. Please note that pets (with the exception of guide dogs) are not allowed inside churches and some public buildings and restaurants, so you might need to wait outside with your pet until the tour continues outside. Feel free to bring your guinea pig on tour. Just don’t tell anyone. Let’s keep that our little secret. Please contact us if you have questions on a specific tour.

Customizing a Tour

At Your Local Friend, we did our best to curate our personal and well-balanced walking tours for you. But we know that sometimes you need to do your own thing. Because who knows yourself better than you? Tell us about your plans and what you are most interested in. All our tours are designed to be as flexible as possible to meet your personal needs. You may pick one of our curated tours and add your own ideas. For example, you can decide to leave out the culinary part, or even make the tour all about food and drinks. If you’re celebrating a special day like a birthday or an anniversary, we will make sure to include some festive elements. But you may also make up your personal itinerary. So if, for example, you have been to Munich before, and you want to discover places that we did not list in our tour descriptions, we will be happy to advise and create your personal tour for you. You will find anything you need here: Make it yours
Yes, we are happy to customize your tour according to your personal plans and ideas. You will find further information here: Make it yours
Yes, there will be thematic tours for special events such as the Oktoberfest and during the Christmas season. We are always happy to customize your tour according to your personal plans and ideas. You will find further information here: Make it yours
We sure do! Please contact us and tell us about your plans. We will then try to arrange a customized tour especially for your layover in Munich.
Yes, for example in German! For private tours in Spanish, Russian, Italian, French or Greek, please contact us.

Give us as a Gift

Your family, friends or colleagues are planning a trip to Munich? Surprise them by giving them a gift with a difference.

You will find all relevant details here: Give Us as a Gift

You will be asked to provide us with a few details on the recipient of the gift voucher so that we can personalize it before we send it to you via e-mail. You can then forward it or print it and hand it over personally.

Buy your loved ones the perfect gift with Your Local Friend – it’s really easy.

Every gift voucher is personalized. To redeem it, please contact us and tell us about your desired tour date. We will then check availabilities to make a reservation for you to secure your individual time and day.

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