The Difference

The Difference

At Your Local Friend, we curate exclusive half-day tours to create unforgettable experiences of Munich’s culture and heritage. If you – like us - are all about local immersion and pure authenticity, then you will understand that our Your Local Friend concept is your perfect match.
Your Local Friend Tobias Synthia Tour Guides

1. We're true locals. And true guides.

We’ve been in this place forever. As well-trained and certified tour guides, we know Munich like the backs of our hands. Our approach is educational and ethical, and we will give you all the history that you want. With us, you will laugh, you will learn, and you will enjoy.


2. For your group only

We want to help you make the most out of your valuable time in Munich. There will be no large, anonymous herds, but only you and your exclusive and private group. You can opt to have a one-on-one tour with us, or you can bring your partner, kids, family and friends. Your colleagues are also welcome. But it will always be about you – and the people you want to be with you.

Culinary Walking Tour

3. There is food. On every tour.

We’re passionate about local cuisine. Think tasting Bavarian street food, digging into luscious cake in cozy cafés and clinking beer steins with your neighbors in one of the traditional restaurants Munich is so famous for. If we think there is something on our way that you simply must see or taste, we will make it happen. There is so much for you to discover as we share our world famous “Gemütlichkeit” with you.

Ask us anytime

4. You have a friend. Even before and after your tour.

Our service starts way before we meet for the first time, and it lasts longer than you may think. We are happy to anticipate and answer any question on Munich that you might have, even before and after your tour. Simply message, text, whatsapp or call us, and we will be there for you.


5. Immerse yourself in local life. With us.

When did you last visit a friend outside of your home town who took you places you would never have found on your own? Wasn’t it great to do what the locals do and not worry about a thing? We can’t wait to get to know you to make you understand what living the Munich way is all about.

Off the beaten Path Hidden Gems Munich

6. Our thoroughly curated tours. For those who want the best.

There will be fascinating walks and rides to wonderful places, food and drinks with the locals and unique experiences that average tourists will never have the opportunity to discover. You will walk! You will see! You will taste! You will discover Munich with all of your senses.


7. Our rates are all inclusive. So you can leave your wallet in the pocket.

We want you to have a great and care-free time when we are out on tour together. This is why our rates are all inclusive. You won’t need your wallet when you’re with us: Our tour prices already cover the expenses for all the food, drinks, public transport fare and tickets on our itinerary.

Did this convince you? Then let's go!