Munich Third Reich Tours

Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party are closely linked with Munich’s history of the past century.

Munich, the "Capital of Movement", was where racist and military attack programs were designed, and political opponents were eliminated. In Dachau, only a few kilometers away, one of the first concentration camps was set up.

We will show you the places connected with the darkest chapter in the history of Munich. We want you to understand and learn, even where there’s nothing left to see. Let us explain how the locals reacted to the rise of National Socialism, and talk about resistance. We will discuss how contemporary Munich is dealing with its past.

Munich Third Reich Walking Tour

Let us take you to the sites that marked the time of the 'Capital of the Nazi Movement'. You will learn about the rise and fall of the Third Reich. We will visit the Field Marshals' Hall, Hofbräuhaus, Königsplatz and many other places.

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What you should know about Munich and the Third Reich

dachau concentration camp memorial site NS Documentation Center Munich NS Dokumentationszentrum München Königsplatz

Inside the Munich Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism

Built on the site of the former ‚Brown House’, once the headquarters of the Nazi Party, the Documentation Center documents Munich's role as the birthplace of National Socialism and discusses Munich’s difficulties in confronting its past after 1945.

What is the White Rose?

The White Rose is one of the best-known German resistance groups. In 1942, this group of young students and their friends distributed leaflets calling for opposition to the National Socialist regime and an end to the war. In 1943, seven members of the White Rose were sentenced to death and executed, many more sentenced to long years in prison.