Munich and the Third Reich

Half Day Walking & Culinary Tour

Munich and the Third Reich

Half Day Walking & Culinary Tour

Wide-range Educational Food & Drinks Included

What's this tour about?

Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party are closely linked with Munich’s history of the past century. It was in Munich that the Nazi party was founded and Hitler staged his beer hall coup. But what were the events that originally supported the rise of the Third Reich? How did the people of Munich react to the National Socialist movement? And in which way did and still do the Germans come to terms with the past? Let us take you to the most important sites that marked the time of the "Hauptstadt der Bewegung", the Capital of the Nazi Movement, for insights into the rise and fall of the Third Reich.


We will be walking to the historic sites of the National Socialist era in the city center, but there will also be tram rides to Königsplatz and Haidhausen.


We want you to see the places connected with the darkest chapter in the history of Munich. More important: We want you to understand and learn, even where there’s nothing left to see.


At the beginning of our tour, we will introduce you to Obazda, our traditional cheese delicacy, best to be matched with a fresh pretzel. There will also be time for coffee, a beer or softdrink and a pastry close to the English Garden as we travel between the districts of Maxvorstadt and Haidhausen.

Tour Itinerary

Visit Marienplatz, Old City Hall, Hofbräuhaus, Field Marshall’s Hall, the Royal Residence, the former Gestapo (secret police) headquarters, Königsplatz with NS Documentation Center, former Nazi party administrative and „Führer“ building, Haus der Kunst, Prinzregentenplatz, and more.

Brownshirts in Beerhalls

Our tour starts at Marienplatz. At the Old City Hall, we will remember how a speech by Joseph Goebbels marked the launch of the so called crystal night, the Reichspogromnacht of 1938, against the Jewish population. You will hear how the famous Munich beerhalls once hosted the first small gatherings of the Nazis.

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

When Hitler tried to overthrow the government with his Beerhall Coup in 1923, he was stopped at the Fieldmarshall’s Hall. We will explain how, only a few years later, Hitler and his Nazi party had gained power, leading to one of the darkest chapters in the history of Munich. At the Royal Residence, we will discover the traces of the allied bombings that leveled half of the city.

Documenting the Past

Walking past the former head quarter of Gestapo, Hitler’s secret police, we will reach Karolinenplatz, former home district to influential patrons who gave Hitler entry to bourgeois circles. We will then move on to Königsplatz where the mass Nazi gatherings were held. Today, the NS Documentation Center keeps the memory of the crimes of the Nazi era alive.

The White Rose and the Resistance

As the bus takes us to the other side of the city, we will have a coffee break and talk about the German resistance movement: the Weiße Rose, among others, led by a group of students and a professor at the University of Munich.

Understanding History

On our way to Prinzregentenplatz, Hitler’s former private residence, we will see the Haus der Kunst, an art museum with Nazi Germany’s first monumental structure used for propaganda, and more buildings of Nazi architecture from this era. We will take our time as we walk back to the center, leaving enough room for personal talk and for your questions – because we really want you to understand this part of German history.

Details & Inclusions

This half day tour starts twice a day: In the morning at 09:00 a.m., and in the afternoon at 02:00 p.m.

Bookings can be made 24 hours prior to the day.

Duration of the tour: 4 hours

Our tours usually take off at the Fish Fountain right on St. Mary’s Square/Marienplatz. If you are staying at a hotel in the city center, please let us know if you prefer to be picked up there.
Along with your booking confirmation, you will be given detailed information on where and when we will meet.

– Four hours in Munich with Your Local Friend

– Tickets for public transport

– A freshly baked pretzel and a taste of delicious Obazda, a traditional cheese delicacy

– A sweet or savory pastry

– A small glass of beer, softdrink or coffee

Please see our FAQ for further questions.

Tour Map

We have marked the area that we will be covering on our Munich and the Third Reich tour.

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