The Best Of Munich

Half Day Walking & Culinary Tour

The Best Of Munich

Half Day Walking & Culinary Tour

3.5-4hrs Munich & Haidhausen Food & Drinks Incl.

What's this tour about?

Take your time on this private half day tour in english to discover Munich, its lifestyle and the world famous “Gemütlichkeit”. Walking through the historic center, you will visit the main sites and unknown places, the tourist hotspots and corners only locals know about. Get ready to see Munich from a bird’s perspective as we go up one of the highest towers. The view from here is beyond compare. Now it’s time to eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy a traditional Bavarian late breakfast on the morning tour or a Brotzeit in the afternoon along with our favorite beer. Prost!
 Off we go to new horizons by taking tramway ride to the neighborhood Haidhausen, where until the beginning of the 20th century thousands of poor dayworkers lived under miserable conditions and which is now becoming a new trendy district on the other side of the river Isar.


We’ll take you down the pedestrian streets of Munich and up the highest towers in the historic center. But before you will know it, you’ll be riding a tram to the fascinating district of Haidhausen with its long history of beer, workers’ houses and modern pub culture.


Let your eyes explore the marvels of the historic center to understand how Munich developed from the early years to modern times. And you will discover even more when you get to see the world beyond the main tourist sites.


White sausage with sweet mustard and a wheat beer for breakfast. What a perfect start. Oh no, it’s after 11:59 a.m.? Sorry, change of plans! Good thing a smart person – a Bavarian? – invented the “Brotzeit” for you to enjoy in the afternoon.

Morning Tour Itinerary

Good for all early risers who want to have an unforgettable start into their day. Visit Marienplatz, St. Peter’s church with its amazing tower, the church of the Holy Spirit, Viktualienmarkt, the Old Court, the Hofbräuhaus, the Royal Residence, a traditional Bavarian restaurant and the district of Haidhausen.

9:00 AM – Guten Morgen, nice to meet you!

Get ready for a head start: We will walk the streets of Munich before the crowds find their way to the center. Best time to explore the major attractions from a thousand years of history around Marienplatz.

10:00 AM – Get up that Tower

Let’s change our perspective! Climbing up the 306 steps of Old Peter may be daunting, but it is more than worth it – trust us. Enjoy an unobstructed 360° view from the highest tower of the center of Munich.

11:00 PM – Time for Breakfast à la Bavaroise

The preceding overdose of physical exercise will induce the need for imminent calorie intake. Learn how to peel your white sausage the Munich way, dip it into delicious sweet mustard and wash it down with a refreshing wheat beer. Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!

12:00 PM – Let's Tram to Haidhausen

Off to pastures new: This is easy, considering that Munich has a very modern and comfortable public transport system. A short tram ride will take us across the Isar to the district of Haidhausen with its trendy shops and bars, small residences and beergardens.

13:00 – Midday Nap

After this perfect Half Day Walking Tour, we will travel back to the historic center. If you prefer to be dropped off at your hotel to take a rest – we will be happy to help!

Afternoon Tour Itinerary

Perfect for late risers – or those who like to spend the morning at the fine museums of Munich. Visit Marienplatz, St. Peter’s church with its amazing tower, the church of the Holy Spirit, Viktualienmarkt, the Old Court, the Hofbräuhaus, the Royal Residence, a traditional Bavarian restaurant and the district of Haidhausen.

14:00 AM – Grüß Gott, nice to meet you!

Why are there two town halls at Marienplatz? What’s the secret behind the lockers at the world famous Hofbräuhaus? And what did the king do when his newly built opera house started burning?

15:00 AM – The Only Way Is Up

Time to take a decision: It’s climbing 306 steps up Old Peter or taking the elevator to the highest accessible point of the New City Hall – either way, you will experience views you’ll never forget.

16:00 PM – Let's Tram to Haidhausen

Let’s relax for a while and ride to one of the most inspiring districts of Munich. Learn about the old tradition of beer brewing, discover traditional boardhouses and modern bar culture in Munich’s French Quarter.

17:00 PM – Time for a Bavarian Brotzeit

What time is it? It’s breadtime! This is how a computer generated program would translate “Brotzeit”. You’ll know better than that after we treated you to a Bavarian platter of scrumptious cheese and meat delicacies, accompanied by fresh and cool beer.

18:00 – Should I stay or should I go

Back in town, but not ready to go home yet! Since we know our city like the backs of our hands, make sure to ask us for our favorite shopping areas and the best spots to spend the evening. Because there is no better companion than a local friend!

Details & Inclusions

This half day tour starts twice a day: In the morning at 09:00 a.m., and in the afternoon at 02:00 p.m.

Bookings can me made 24 hours prior to the day.

Duration of the tour: 3.5-4 hours

Our tours usually take off at the Fish Fountain right on St. Mary’s Square/Marienplatz. If you are staying at a hotel in the city center, please let us know if you prefer to be picked up there.
Along with your booking confirmation, you will be given detailed information on where and when we will meet.

– Four hours in Munich with Your Local Friend
– Tickets to visit either St. Peter’s tower or the New City Hall tower
– Tickets for public transport
– Morning tour: a Weißwurstfrühstück – traditional white sausage with beer or softdrink
– Afternoon tour: a Brotzeit – a Bavarian bread, cheese and meat platter with beer or softdrink

Please see our FAQ for further questions.

Walking Tour Map

We have marked the area that we will be covering on our The Best of Munich tour.

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