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Live Virtual Munich Christmas Tour

Celebrate Christmas with us from your home! Join our holiday party and let us take you on a virtual live-guided tour to the Munich Christmas markets.

  • When: December 2021
  • Languages: English & German
  • Including: Christmas Markets and Traditions
from € 249 / group price incl. VAT Booking request

Live Virtual Munich Christmas Tour

from € 249
group price incl. VAT
Silent Night

Get into the Holiday Spirit

So your holiday trip to Munich was cancelled? We have some good news for you: With us, you can travel virtually!

Join us on a live tour through Munich at Christmas time. Meet your colleagues, family and friends on our festive virtual journey and celebrate German Christmas with us.

Experience the beautiful Christmas markets in Munich. Listen to history and amusing stories from Bavaria, brought to you by the knowledgeable and entertaining guides of Your Local Friend Tours Munich.

We will bring some holiday spirit to your home or office. Let's sing German Christmas carols together and share a cup of mulled wine, gingerbread and cookies. How about a quiz? Our virtual tours are entertaining and interactive, so let's make the best of 2021 and have a great time!

How it works

We have our own software to stream live into your online conference. Alternatively, we will provide you with a link that allows you to dial in very easily.

What to expect

We will take you on a live guided tour to show you why Munich is so special at Christmas time. How much do you know of German holiday traditions? Let us introduce you to popular as well as to the less known Christmas customs.

Family, friends and business

Our virtual Christmas tour is perfect for families, friends and international teams unable to travel. This is your chance to experience the festive season in Munich.

Plan your virtual tour

We’re very flexible, so don’t hesitate to request your favorite date starting from today! When picking a time slot, please bear in mind that we are streaming from the Central European time zone.

Where we are

Our offices are in Munich, but we are independent of time and place. We will stream live from our office to your video conference. It doesn't make a difference to us if you're at home on the family couch or in the office.

How long is this event?

Our seasonal event has a duration of about 60 minutes. If you want, we can extend the party to last longer. Simply let us know, and we will design your individual live event!

Food and drinks

In our opinion, it's best to have Glühwein (mulled wine) or tea, cookies and gingerbread for a true German Christmas party. Surprise your group members with a Christmas gourmet package! Hopefully you can find some nice German delicacies at the stores near you.