Make it yours

Make it yours

Design your own private walking tour

At Your Local Friend, we did our best to curate our personal and well-balanced walking tours for you. But we know that sometimes you need to do your own thing. Because who knows yourself better than you? Tell us about your plans and what you are most interested in. All our tours are designed to be as flexible as possible to meet your personal needs. You may pick one of our curated tours and add your own ideas. For example, you can decide to leave out the culinary part, or even make the tour all about food and drinks. If you’re celebrating a special day like a birthday or an anniversary, we will make sure to include some festive elements. You may even make up your personal itinerary. So if, for example, you have been to Munich before, and you want to discover places that we did not list in our tour descriptions, we will be happy to advise and create your personal tour for you. It’s as easy as that with Your Local Friend!


Your Special Occasion

Honeymoon in Munich
Family Trip to Munich

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, anniversary or any other festive occasion: We want to make your private tour is personal and special. Simply ask us for your individual itinerary!

Anniversary in Munich

Tell us about your Plans

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We want to hear about your ideas

Is there any special place you want to see? Do you have certain kinds of food in your mind that you always wanted to try? Should we arrange for a festive location to celebrate your occasion?

You and your loved ones only

All of our Munich walking tours are designed for private groups only. You can be sure that you will be spending your special day only with who you want to be with.

Let's make it a special day

This is what you can do to individualise your tour: You either pick a walking tour from our portfolio and adjust it to fully meet your needs, or you create your own itinerary from scratch. Whichever way you choose, we will be happy to design your perfect special day with you!

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